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IMPORTANT: As of 2023, the original MSU SideOut Club is being dissolved. Information about membership in the new SideOut Club can be found on this flyer at the MSU volleyball website.

The rest of this page is being left for historical reasons, but is no longer applicable to current memberships.

The SideOut Club is the booster club for the Michigan State University Women’s Volleyball program. As a member, you will have opportunities to meet and interact with coaches and players, and to hear directly from them during the season. You will have the inside track via the members-only SideOut Club newsletter and a Meet the Team event.

Student athletes will benefit from your attendance at games! MSU SideOut Club Boosters are the extra edge to help the team make the kill, dive for the dig and play their absolute best. In addition, through membership dues and merchandise sales, the MSU SideOut Club donated $10,000 to the volleyball program in 2020. Join now and become a part of the Spartan Volleyball happening!

All proceeds from Club activities go to support and promote the volleyball program, according to needs identified by the coaching staff. (If you wish to give additional monetary support, a direct donation to the volleyball program can be made through the Spartan Fund. )

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SideOut Club Board of Directors 2022-23

Officers Directors Board Support

Eileen Ellis

Paul Miller
Vice President

Julie Morgan

Peter Morris

Cheryl Bartholic
Jenny Bond
Marge Bossenbery
Pete Cronk
Clinton Gould
John Greenslit
Mary Pollock
Tim Salinas

Chris Wolf

Lynda White

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